We do mobile massage!!  Experience the relaxation without the rush-rush-rush of traffic, searching for a parking spot, maybe being late, then flopping on the massage table exhausted...and you were exhausted to begin with.  Well, come to you, enabling you to make a sound investment in your wellness and well-being...a premium service without a premium price.

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Swedish Massage -

    Relaxing spa-style massage customized for you.
  • Sports Massage

    For the physically active.  Enhances performance; aids in recovery and speeds healing. A variety of stretches and other modalities may be used
  • Pre-Natal Massage

  • Onsite (Corporate) Chair Massage

    Choose a half day or full day of massage for your employees.  We provide 15 minutes of chair massage, with 5 minutes between each client.  Massage has been shown to stimulate productivity and reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.  It's an incentive for your employees and a bonus for you!!
    • Half-Day $240
      This is a half-day, either morning or afternoon, 12 sessions ( i.e., 12 individual massages).  If you would like to have each employee pay for their own session, call (970) 205-9212 to schedule.





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